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Contact Us at:

 412-249-7736  or  412-219-3001

The following information will help you understand the try-out process and exactly what criteria  the coaches will use to evaluate the players. 


·       We do not expect you to be perfect.  We understand that you will be nervous and make mistakes.  Everybody does.


·       We will be very patient and try to make you feel comfortable.


·       We will try to explain exactly what we want you to do.  If you do not understand, Please ask us to explain it to you again.


·       We are looking for players who respond to coaching.


·       We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated players.


·       We are looking for TEAM players.


·       Have a positive attitude. 


·       You should concentrate on giving your best effort during the entire try-out.


·       Hustle on and off the field and between groups.


·       Do not panic because you think everyone else is better then you.


·       We are looking for players that show the desire to work hard & improve.


·       You will be evaluated on your potential.  Not your current skill level.


·       You should bring your own  glove / batting gloves / spikes and other personal items. 

  • We will provide all other required equipment.


·       The try-outs will be held on the dates & times scheduled.



In the event of wet weather we will have our message center in operation during the weekend. 

You can call   412-249-7736  for updated information on any delays or possible cancellation.




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