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Participation in the Team Impact  program is a privilege, not a right.

The following policies and procedures must be observed for a team member to retain this privilege.

Participation & Release Forms

All of the following forms must be filled out completely and submitted to our office before a player can participate in any team related activity:

1. Team Impact   Medical Release Form

2. Team  Impact   Release Form/Parent or Guardian Waiver of Liability

3. Team  Impact   Player & Parent Hand Book Agreement & Consent Form

4. Team  Impact   Participation Roster Waiver Commitment Form

Player & Parent Handbook   (February 2013)  

All Team  Impact rules, policies and procedures are outlined in the Player & Parent Handbook. All parents and players are encouraged to review this material and keep a copy for reference purposes.

Practice & Game Attendance

1. Attendance at all fall and spring Sunday practice sessions is mandatory.  Missing fall or spring practice sessions may result in disciplinary activities or loss of playing time.

2.  If you must miss all or part of practice, prior notice and permission from your coach is necessary. Please call your coach in advance.  Missing practice may result in disciplinary activities and/or loss of playing time at the next scheduled tournament.

3. Participation in fall or spring games that are scheduled for Saturday and/or Sunday is mandatory.  Missing any games will result in disciplinary activities and/or loss of playing time at the next scheduled tournament. . Exceptions only for major immediate family milestone events such as your or a sibling's graduation, your own school prom, sibling's wedding, family death and similar lifetime events.

4. A player who misses more than a 25% of the team's scheduled winter practice sessions may result in disciplinary activities and/or loss of playing time.

Tournament Attendance  /  Out-of-Town Trips

1.  Attendance at all tournaments is mandatory.   Missing any tournament days or games will result in loss of playing time or dismissal from the team. 

2. Players are advised that they are representing the Team  Impact organization at all tournaments and will not do anything to embarrass themselves or the organization.

3. Players will follow all instructions, rules or guidelines put into place during out of town tournaments by the coaching staff pertaining to conduct during travel to and from the event, hotel curfews and restrictions, team meals and during warm ups, games and in between games.

4. The use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco is prohibited at all times. Use of any illegal substance will result in the player being suspended from the tournament, sent home at her parents' expense and will be dismissed from the team.

5.  Any player caught doing any illegal activities will be suspended from the tournament, sent home at her parents' expense.

Community Service

1. Team  Impact has expressed a desire for the organization to perform public service whenever possible to give back to its community. Community service and volunteer activities will improve the player's self-esteem and generate respect off the softball field throughout the Tri-State area. All players are expected to participate in any community service activities that the Team  Impact sponsors.  Additional community service work may also be assigned for disciplinary reasons.

Communication & Appeal Process

A successful team and organization requires proper communication. It is imperative that the player, parent or coaches relate concerns to each other. Players and parents are encouraged discuss any concerns with their the coach.  If they do not receive a satisfactory response form the coach they can then move the discussion to Zach Green . If there is still a problem or concern, the player, parent and/or coach can request a hearing with the Board. The Board's decision in all matters will be final.

The Team  Impact Board

The purpose of the Board is to provide direction for the organization. The Board will aid in the decision making of the organization, provide ideas, structure and assistance in team structure, tournaments, uniforms, hotels and promotion of the Team  Impact organization. Beyond its administrative role in the organization, the Board has no authority on the softball field as game and tournament operations and procedures are administered by the coaching staff. 

2016 Team  Impact Board Members

Zach Green

Susan DeNillo

Todd Zavolta

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