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 The following information is provided to answer questions from prospective players and their parents about the   Team Impact Pa Fast Pitch Program.

 The Team Impact Pa program fields  ASA / NSA / PGF  teams  

12u  -  14u  - 16u  -  18u

 Started in 1984 the 2015 season will be our 31st   consecutive year of operation.

 Coaching Staff  -  Our staff includes two current college level coaches with over 30 years of experience.  Other members of our staff include two former high school coaches and three current collegiate division I & II players who are alumni of our program.

 Recruiting Assistance  -  Our staff will provide to all players the information and assistance necessary to assist them in their pursuit of a college softball scholarship.  Along with printed information we provide video taping  and counseling from our college level coaches. Our coaches have insightful information and guidance you can not get anywhere else.

  Atmosphere  -  Our goal is to provide each player with a quality college level type experience.  The program is run just like a college team.  The players develop a total team concept.  They develop the social, communicative  and cooperative skills they will need in a college program.  They will know what to expect and how to succeed. 

 Tournaments  -  The tournaments we attend are selected to provide the best opportunity to play highly competitive opponents while providing the best exposure to college coaches.  Most of our out of town tournaments will have at least 30 confirmed college coaches in attendance.  Teams are selectively invited to several of the elite tournaments we attend.

 Winter Practice & Games  -  Each team will compete in available local fall ball outdoor tournaments.  All players will have batting practice and fielding practice over the winter in our indoor practice facility.

 Pitching Clinic  -  All of our teams pitchers participate in our fall and winter pitching clinic and receive instruction from Western Pennsylvania's premier pitching coaches. 

  Practice Field  -  We utilize a several field complexes in the south hills area

  Uniforms  -  All players are provided multiple sets of team uniforms with player names imprinted on all game jerseys.  We issue enough uniforms that washing uniforms during even extended tournament trips is not necessary. 

  Participation  -  Players are selected for our program from open try-outs.  All selected players make a commitment to the team to attend all practice sessions and games.   Our players dedication to their team and teammates is part of our formula for success.

  Competitive Schedule  -  We play the most competitive tournament schedule of any team in the eastern united states.   We play in the most number of tournaments and the most nationally recruited tournaments.  We provide our players the best competition to develop their skills and get them ready for college. 

 Player Fee  -  To be able to provide the type of playing experience you can get only as a member of the Team Impact Pa  program we have a player participation fee.  

 Unique Experience  -  The Team Impact Pa Fast Pitch program provides a truly unique softball and life experience for our Lady Athletes.




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